Welcome to Astro-Coffee@Princeton!

Every weekday, the Department of Astrophysical sciences at Princeton University gathers in Peyton Hall's zoom room (the zoom link can be found in the email or on the astro-coffee slack channel) to discuss the latest arXiv astro-ph posting at 10:30 AM over coffee. Visitors to the department are always welcome to join these discussions.

This astro-coffee server is meant to help organize the discussion. It automatically finds and highlights papers from local authors, and allows the community to vote for articles they want to talk about. New paper listings are fetched from the arXiv between 00:25 and 00:35 UTC Sunday through Thursday during the week.

Currently, voting on papers is open between 8:45 PM the night before and 10:28 AM the morning of Astro-coffee. Everyone gets five votes (one per paper) to use as they please.